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Helping Clients Face Domestic Violence Charges

An instance of domestic violence can often start with an argument. The argument gets heated and one person ends up calling the police. From there on out, once the police show up, the incident can take on a life of its own. Even if the person who made the call wants the charges dropped, the prosecutors often will not do so. The accused individual can find himself or herself caught up in legal issues that could hurt his or her job, relationship and future.

One spur of the moment argument could turn into a year of counseling, court, expenses and probation. The accused individual may not even be able to return home to live with their spouse or children. It is critical to speak with an experienced lawyer to help you fight these serious charges.

Experienced Delaware Defense Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

Located in Wilmington, the Michael C. Heyden Law Office provides experienced criminal defense to individuals who have been charged with domestic violence in Delaware. We understand the tremendous emotional impact that domestic violence can have on families and loved ones, as well as the serious, long-term repercussions that are associated with a criminal record.

We can provide the experienced representation that you need for charges of domestic violence and the collateral consequences of such charges.

Each case is different and is dependent on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the charges. We can help you fight these charges.

Protection From The Abuser

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, we can help you seek a restraining order to make you and your children feel safe. Your home, car and workplace should be places of safety, not places where you have to hide or live in fear of an abuser. Call our office to see how we can help you take steps to a safer future.

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