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Motor vehicle accidents and femur trauma

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | personal injury

Femur fractures are painful and severe potential outcomes of automobile collisions in Delaware. These injuries can happen to pedestrians or drivers themselves. Femurs are sturdy and strong, so it takes a lot of force from car accidents to fracture these bones. This type of trauma is serious and life-threatening if the victim does not seek medical treatment right away.

What is the femur and how does it break?

The femurs are the bones running from hip to knee. The femoral neck, known as a thigh bone, is the most durable bone in the body. A car collision must create significant pressure to break a femur bone.

When you are in a high-impact and high-speed collision, it may produce the force needed to fully shatter, splinter or partially break your femur bones. Car accidents may create breaks in parts of the shaft or length. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of femur fractures. In addition to being painful, femur fractures could cause a cascade of other injuries such as blood clots, blood vessel damage and muscle or ligament trauma.

Medical options after femur fractures

Femur fractures are particularly common in older populations as many elders have weaker bones. However, any person in a major car accident has the potential to experience femur injuries. Since motorcyclists and pedestrians are more exposed, these groups are more susceptible.

It is important to go to the hospital after femur fractures to receive medical assistance. The medical staff will inspect the injury for infection and other trauma. The doctor may put a cast on the patient. More serious femur fractures require surgeries, and the doctor could place rods and screws inside the leg to secure the bone. Rehabilitation therapies are common after femur fractures to recover full mobility.

Any time you cross the street, drive a car or ride on a motorcycle, you are risking the possibility of experiencing serious injuries. A personal injury lawyer may assist you with insurance companies, help protect your assets and file injury claims if you are harmed as the result of a motor vehicle accident.