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3 dangerous mistakes to avoid when driving in the rain

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | blog

It has already started raining here in Wilmington, and it is going to continue as we enter fall and winter. This might seem like no big deal, but it can actually have a huge impact on your safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), wet weather requires you to take special care while driving

However, because rain is normal and expected, you might make some mistakes while driving in the rain. Small errors can make it more likely for you to get into an accident. Below is a list of the most costly driving mistakes you should avoid during wet weather conditions. 

1. Leaving your headlights off

Always turn your headlights on when it is raining. This will help pedestrians and other drivers see you through the fog and murky gloom of a storm. In fact, it is actually a law in Delaware to turn your headlights on when your windshield wipers are operating. Even if your car has automatic running lights, do not rely on them to increase your visibility. 

2. Turning your high beams on

On the other hand, you do not want to blind people or make it more difficult for you to see the road. You might think your bright lights will help you see, but they do not. They only reflect off wet surfaces and fog to make it harder for you to see. Other drivers and pedestrians already have a hard time navigating through the rain, and you do not want to blind them with your high beams either. 

3. Using cruise control

You might have a habit of using cruise control. It is a common misbelief that cruise control will help you remain at a steady speed in rain, but this is not safe. If you hydroplane with cruise control activated, your car might actually accelerate and cause you to lose control.